The Three C’s of Trust

Authors and consultants Neil Rackham and Jennifer Wessman at Huthwaite express clearly what IFC Benefit Solutions, Inc. regards as its vision: CANDOR, COMPETENCE, AND CONCERN. As we expand our Employee Benefits team, we strive to maintain your trust by gauging ourselves with “The Three C’s of Trust”. Nothing is more important to us than the confidence you place in us.

Candor is exemplified by our efforts to never knowingly over-promise and under-deliver services to our clients. Our goal is to have an open and honest relationship with all of our clients, even on sensitive issues.

Developing Competence across a team can be a difficult challenge to meet. However, the Employee Benefits staff at IFC Benefit Solutions, Inc. believes that knowledge is power. The better informed our employees are, the better the service they are able to provide. As you review information about our agency, we hope you will recognize that educational qualifications and prior work experience are important ingredients of our success for the past 3 decades.

Because the staff at IFC Benefit Solutions, Inc. truly cares about their clients, we consistently make every effort to provide the best service. This level of Concern is an important factor in our long-term relationship with so many clients.

When you combine the Candor we share with our clients, the Concern we have for meeting their needs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, and the Competence we have developed in our well-trained staff, the result is a team in whom you can comfortably place your trust!

You can Trust the team at IFC Benefit Solutions, Inc.